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The Capital Holdings Funds plc (the Company)

Board of Directors

Formulate the investment objective, policy and strategy for each sub-fund. The Board of Directors is responsible for managing the business affairs of the Company. The Board has not delegated its portfolio management function or its risk management function to any third party.The Directors have delegated the day-to-day administration of the Company’s affairs (including the calculation of the Net Asset Value and the Net Asset Value per Share, Shareholder registration and transfer agency services and related services) to the Administrator.

Executive Committee

The executive committee makes investment management decisions in respect of each of the sub-funds. The Executive Committee comprises two directors, each resident in Ireland, who are supported by three assistants.
Executive Committee directors:
Nicola Meaden Grenham, Pietro Soldini.
The Executive Committee defines the strategy selection and allocation of each sub-fund in more detail and works closely with the investment advisory committees of each sub-fund to determine the extent to which investments and redemptions should be made in such Underlying Funds to reflect the strategy allocations of each sub-fund.

The Investment Advisor

LCH Investments NV has been appointed by the Company as Investment Advisor. LCH Investments NV has established committees of experienced professionals which meet with underlying investment managers and potential candidates and which formulate investment proposals for each of the funds. LCH Investments NV was formed in 1969 to provide advice in respect of Leveraged Capital Holdings, a role it still undertakes today. Rick Sopher is Chairman.

Principal Supporting Services Company

Edmond de Rothschild Capital Holdings Limited is the Principal Supporting Services Company, supporting the work of the Investment Advisor and its investment committees. In that capacity, it conducts the day to day monitoring of the sub-funds and their underlying funds and also provides research to LCH Investments NV, including on candidate managers. Rick Sopher is CEO of Edmond de Rothschild Capital Holdings Limited.

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