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Organisation and Investment Process

Family of funds

The Capital Holdings Funds are a family of funds under the umbrella structure of The Capital Holdings Funds plc (the Company). The Capital Holdings Funds plc is a Retail Investor AIF with segregated liability between sub-funds and is domiciled in Ireland and authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland. It comprises three Funds: Leveraged Capital Holdings, Discovery Capital Holdings and Asian Capital Holdings. 

The Capital Holdind Funds plc (the Company)

Board of Directors – Formulate the investment objective, policy and strategy for each fund. The Board of Directors is responsible for managing the business affairs of the Company. The Board has not delegated its portfolio management function or its risk management function to any third party.The Directors have delegated the day-to-day administration of the Company’s affairs (including the calculation of the Net Asset Value and the Net Asset Value per Share, Shareholder registration and transfer agency services and related services) to the Administrator. A list of the Board members can be found here(hyperlink).

Baroness Ariane de Rothschild

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